Olivier Mérijon artist

"Light is a divine gift"

"I used to paint in pure colour, almost straight from the tube.
One day, during an exhibition, the playwright, Jean-Claude Brisville told me, "You will soon be painting in white."
Little by little, my paintings did go from a bluish white, to violet, an infinite blue and then one day I felt it would be perfectly natural to paint in white.
Initially it was frightening. Had I gone mad?
The colour white is a journey and the path led me towards the light.
To paint in white is to delve into oneself, to accomplish a quest in the aim to shed all that is unnecessary, to attain purity, infinity, the hereafter.
White is a passage towards another dimension.
First I mix a paint that is as inert and as opaque as possible which I then work with brushes and palette knives to give it life.
And, like a present from heaven, light falls on the painting giving it resonance.
This adventure began eleven years ago and I am only at the beginning of my "whites".

Dossier réalisé par France Lebreton / photographie: Gilles Rigoulet

article merijon le pelerin fevrier 2009

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